NHS Faculty and Staff

Ajai Ammachathram

Ajai Ammachathram Assistant Professor and Food & Beverage Management Extension Specialist

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Donnia Behrends portrait picture

Donnia Behrends Extension Educator, Registered Dietitian

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Linda Boeckner portrait picture

Linda Boeckner Interim Department Chair and Professor

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Timothy Carr Interim Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Graduate Education

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Weiwen Chai portrait picture

Weiwen Chai Assistant Professor

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Virginia Chaidez photo portrait

Virginia Chaidez Assistant Professor

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Soonkyu Chung portrait picture

Soonkyu Chung Assistant Professor

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Joel Cramer portrait picture

Joel T. Cramer Associate Professor

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Jean Ann Fischer portrait picture

Jean Ann Fischer Extension Educator

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Lisa Franzen-Castle portrait picture

Lisa Franzen-Castle Associate Professor and Extension Nutrition Specialist

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Morgan Hartline Extension Educator

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Terry Housh Professor

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Dipra Jha portrait picture

Dipra Jha Assistant Professor of Practice

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Georgia Jones portrait picture

Georgia Jones Associate Professor

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Megan S. Kelley Assistant Professor

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Karsten Koehler Assistant Professor

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Joyce McMeen portrait picture

Joyce McMeen Lecturer

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Regis Moreau portrait picture

Regis Moreau Associate Professor

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Sathish Kumar Natarajan photo portrait

Sathish Kumar Natarajan Assistant Professor

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Dennis Perkey photo portrait

Dennis Perkey Assistant Professor of Practice

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Heather Rasmussen

Heather Rasmussen Assistant Professor

Shannon Rowen portrait picture

Shannon M. Rowen Assistant Professor of Practice, Director of Academic Programs - HRTM

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Jeffrey Rudy portrait picture

Jeffrey Rudy Associate Professor of Practice, Director Athletic Training Education

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Richard Schmidt Associate Professor

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Natalie Sehi portrait picture

Natalie Sehi Extension Educator

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Qiaozhu Su portrait picture

Qiaozhu Su Assistant Professor

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Shinya Takahashi portrait picture

Shinya Takahashi Assistant Professor of Practice

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Yongjun Wang

Yongjun Wang Research Assistant Professor

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Vanessa Wielenga Ries portrait photo

Vanessa Wielenga Extension Educator

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Mary Willis Professor

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Linda Young portrait picture

Linda Young Associate Professor of Practice, Dietetic Internship Director

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Jiujiu Yu Assistant Professor

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Sabine Zempleni portrait picture

Sabine Zempleni Lecturer

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Janos Zempleni Willa Cather Professor of Molecular Nutrition and Director of the Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases

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Amy Brown portrait

Amy Brown Administrative Associate

Diane Brown photo

Diane Brown Office Associate

Sarah Gibson photo

Sarah Gibson NPOD Adminstrative Coordinator

David Giraud portrait picture

David Giraud Research Technologist I

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Megan Hopkins Project Director of Nebraska Collegiate Consortium to Reduce High-Risk Drinking

Joan Kunzman portrait picture

Joan Kunzman Administrative Support Associate, HRTM

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Eileen Marks-Nelson

Eileen Marks-Nelson Research Technologist II

Diane Nelson photo

Diane Nelson Office Associate/Graduate Coordinator

Lori Rausch portrait picture

Lori Rausch Student Services Associate

Dustin Stegen

Dustin Stegen Evaluation Coordinator SNAP-ED

Mengna Xia portrait picture

Mengna Xia Research Technologist II