Pre-Health Programs

The Nutrition and Health Sciences major is an excellent choice for satisying pre-health requirements for admission to professional health schools. It is important to recognize that "pre-health" is not a major, but rather an educational track that includes courses needed for health schools while earning a bachelor's degree. 

Regardless of the major you choose at UNL, the Nutrition and Health Sciences major provides a solid foundation in science and lifestyle factors that affect health throughout the life span.

Within the Nutrition and Health Sciences major, pre-health students often choose one of the following options:

Pre-health students in the College of Education and Human Sciences may consider additional majors including:

Areas of Educational Focus

Pre-Athletic Training Pre-Chiropractic Pre-Clinical Perfusion Science Pre-Cytology
Pre-Dental Hygiene Pre-Dentistry Pre-Dietetics Pre-Genetic Counseling
Pre-Medical Laboratory Science Pre-Medicine Pre-Mortuary Science Pre-Nursing
Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Optometry Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Physician Assistant Pre-Public Health Pre-Radiation Sciences

To learn more about pre-health programs, visit the Explore Center in-person at Love Library South ( online at:

Individual advising is also available to help you choose the best option. 


The Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences is committed to creating an environment that is welcome to all; where each person feels accepted, valued, and safe. To learn more, visit:

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