Nutrition and ExerciseMaster of Science (M.S.)

The master's degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences-Nutrition and Exercise specialization will be non-thesis for most students and focus on courses individualized to their future career goals.

Master's students who are completing a research thesis, as well as doctoral students, will conduct research in faculty members' laboratories.

Students in the master's program (Non-thesis: Option B) and in the Nutrition and Exercise Specialization will be advised by:

Shinya Takahashi portrait picture

Shinya Takahashi Associate Professor of Practice, Associate Department Chair, CEHS Academic Program Lead

Doctoral students or master’s students (Thesis: Option A) who are interested in exercise physiology and nutrition research and plan to continue through the doctoral program will be advised by: 

Terry Housh Professor

M.S., Nutrition and Exercise Specialization

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Requires the following courses (13 credit hours) which are also available to doctoral students:

  • NUTR 805 Research Methods (3) or other graduate-level research or statistics course (i.e., EDPS 859, STAT 801A)
  • NUTR 884 Physiology of Exercise (3)*
  • NUTR 886 Exercise Testing and Exercise Programming in Adult Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation (4)* 
  • NUTR 950 Integrated Principles of Human Nutrition (3) or 900-level metabolism course 
  • NUTR 960 Nutrient Function During Exercise (3)

*If you have already completed these as undergraduate courses (NUTR 484, NUTR 486, or NUTR 456), then, in consultation with your advisor after admission, you will select graduate courses within the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences appropriate to your career goals as well as graduate courses within other departments.

Total credits required: 

  • M.S. Option A: 30 total credit hours, requires research thesis (NUTR 899, 6-10 credit hours) 
  • M.S. Option B: 30 total credit hours, non-thesis

Master's Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantship with Dr. Shinya Takahashi 

  • Available yearly starting in the fall.
  • Teaching is in the fall and spring semesters.
  • Preference is for students who have completed an undergraduate program in Kinesiology or Exercise Science and are preparing for careers in nutrition, exercise, and health sciences.
  • This assistantship involves supervising students in exercise practicums, grading assignments, and teaching courses in healthy living. 
  • To be considered for this assistantship, students must have completed their application to our graduate program and must plan to complete the Nutrition and Exercise specialization.

More information regarding assistantships and fellowships can be found online at:

Doctoral Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantship with Dr. Terry Housh

  • Available yearly starting in the fall.
  • Only students with completed applications will be considered for this graduate assistantship.
  • To be considered for this assistantship, students should remain committed to a research career and ensure completion of courses in Exercise Science:
Preferred Courses Prior to Admission: 

To be successful in the program, the following courses are strongly preferred - consult with your advisor: 

GRE is not required.

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  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Health/Fitness/Wellness Specialist
  • Health/Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition and Exercise Consultant
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach

Application to this program

When completing the Office of Graduate Studies online application, select:
Major/Degree: Nutrition and Health Sciences
Specialization: Nutrition and Exercise

The Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences is committed to creating an environment that is welcoming to all;
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