Memory workshop summer session begins June 12 at Barkley Center

UNL-Tabitha Memory Workshop

Memory workshop summer session begins June 12 at Barkley Center

09 May 2019    By Kelcey Buck

An eight-week memory workshop led by speech-language pathologists and graduate speech-language pathology students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln begins June 12 at the Barkley Memorial Center on East Campus. 

A collaboration between the Barkley Speech Language and Hearing Clinic and Tabitha Health Care, the UNL-Tabitha Memory Workshop is designed to help adults develop strategies to maintain sharp memories as they age. After an overview and education about memory in week one, participants learn about one topic or memory strategy each week for the remainder of the workshop. 

The weekly sessions are facilitated by Judy Harvey, assistant professor of practice and speech-language pathologist at the Barkley Clinic, and Abbe Davis, speech-language pathologist at Tabitha, as well as master’s students in Nebraska’s speech-language pathology program. 

Harvey and Davis originally started the UNL-Tabitha Memory Workshop in 2014 for people diagnosed with memory loss, but found that adults who are typically aging wanted to be involved. Now, the workshop is open to individuals diagnosed with early stages of memory loss, as well as those who are simply interested in learning about memory and aging.

The workshop costs $80 per person. Each participant is allowed to bring a significant other, family member or friend for free. Sessions are limited to a total of 16 individuals in order to allow the workshop to be personalized, and encourage discussion and interaction.

For more information about the UNL-Tabitha Memory Workshop, including a link to register for the summer session, visit

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