Paul Pechous elected ASUN president, student regent

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Paul Pechous elected ASUN president, student regent

03 Apr 2023     By Kelcey Buck

For the first time in at least a decade, a student from the College of Education and Human Sciences will serve as the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN) president after Paul Pechous was elected to the position in early March. Pechous is a junior majoring in special education (7-12). 

Pechous begins his tenure as student body president and student regent after serving as ASUN’s Chief of Staff for the past year and a senator representing CEHS prior to that. 

“When I first started in ASUN, I never thought that I would be in the position that I’m in today,” Pechous said. “Throughout my freshman and sophomore years, I knew I wanted to be involved with ASUN, but was unsure of what that would look like during my senior year. I was concerned with how [being president] might interfere with student teaching during my last semester. After some encouragement from my advisor, Val, scholarship coordinator, Braden, our ASUN advisors, and other faculty and staff throughout the university, I was committed to running.” 

While acknowledging the pivotal moments that lie ahead for the university with welcoming a new chancellor and other senior leaders, as well as the current budget deficit, Pechous is most eager to listen to and advocate for students. 

“I’m most looking forward to learning and working with and from students,” Pechous said. “This has definitely been my favorite part of ASUN, so I hope to continue hearing stories and being able to make tangible change on campus. The stories that I heard from those around me are what motivated me to run for president. To hear how much of an impact the university has on my peers is inspiring. UNL has given so much to me, so I feel like I should give back and help my peers and this university find the best versions of themselves.” 

Pechous is the first student not majoring in political science elected to the ASUN president role since 2018, and the first student from CEHS to hold the position in more than 10 years. 

“I am super excited to be part of a college that cares so deeply about its students,” Pechous said. “I know coming from CEHS that I am prepared for this role. The faculty and staff support is like none other. I hope to show students from across the university that you don’t need to be from a specific group of majors or a specific college or even specific interests to pursue a role like this. Leadership is for everyone.” 

As he enters his final year of college, Pechous knows his experiences with ASUN will only help him as he prepares for his career in teaching. 

“Teaching and leadership go hand-in-hand. This role – and all leadership positions – have transferable skills that will be of complete benefit after graduation. For me, I am most excited to hear from students on their experiences and work to find solutions that are tailored to the needs of individual students – just as I’ll do as a special education teacher. I also am so thankful for the interpersonal skills I’ve learned as both a member of CEHS and within ASUN.”

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