Spring schedule for SECD brown bag sessions set

Spring schedule for SECD brown bag sessions set

14 Feb 2018    By Kelcey Buck

The Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders is set to host four brown bag sessions at the Barkley Memorial Center during the spring semester, beginning Friday, February 23. The brown bags are intended primarily to allow graduate students to present and respond to research topics, while receiving feedback from those in attendance. 

The brown bag sessions for this semester are listed below. All presentations are scheduled to be held from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in room 321 of the Barkley Memorial Center. 

Feb. 23: Communication Neuroscience Laboratories research presentations
     –Jake Greenwood – Intro to ForceWIN10 Engineering Design Application for Hand and Orofacial Dynamics
     –Steven Barlow & Mohsen Hozan – Neurotypical Orofacial and Thumb-Finger Force Dynamics & Visualization Models
     –Rebecca Custead – MCA Stroke Orofacial and Thumb-Finger Force Dynamic

March 2: Audiology independent study projects
     –Sallie Croissant – Replicating the Suppression Head Impulse Paradigm
     –Rachel Timm – Comparing the Cerebral Hemodynamics of Individuals with Severe Versus Mild Tonal Subjective Tinnitus

April 13 
     –Sergio Leiva – Executive Control Functions in Spanish-Speaking Elementary Students
     –Lori Synhorst – Using Redbox and Other Resources for Database Management in Research

April 27 
     –Elizabeth Hoffman – Orofacial and Hand Force Dynamics in Neurotypical Children
     –Alaina Bassett – Evaluating Fall Risk Assessment Protocols in the Field of Audiology

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