Faculty Office Hours

Teaching faculty and teaching graduate assistants must provide the Office Supervisor (or a designee) with a list of weekly regularly scheduled office hours. This list should be received no later than the first day of the second week of classes. Office hours should also be listed on syllabi and faculty should post a schedule of office hours indicating “walk-in” time and/or “by appointment” time. The schedule of office hours should include how and when instructors can be reached by students and faculty members. The written schedule is kept in the Department office.

In the event an instructor is not going to be available for a scheduled office hour, they should inform the students as soon as possible through a variety of mechanisms to ensure students know that the instructor will not be available during the scheduled time. Mechanisms for informing students can include the following: an announcement in class, posting on the Blackboard site for the class, notice outside of the faculty member’s office, etc. Every effort should be made to reschedule a cancelled office hour to ensure that the faculty member is available to students.