Leadership in providing service advancing the field of teaching and learning

Promotion to Associate Professor

  • Effective contribution to Unit or Departmental curriculum and program development and evaluation.
  • Serving as member or chair of a curriculum committee, participating in program or course development, or developing course scheduling and delivery strategies.
  • Leadership in creating policy or improving the function of the Unit or Department by, for example, serving as member or chair of committees for admissions, awards, grade and retention appeals, or external advisory committees.
  • Leadership in the activities and governance of state or regional professional organizations.

Promotion to Professor

  • National leadership in professional activities and associations related to the improvement of teaching and learning (e.g., holding national offices in teaching related associations or special interest groups, participation in national study groups, creation or leadership of professional conferences and associations focused on new and emerging issues).
  • National or international dissemination of instructional methods and/or materials.
  • Service on teaching- and learning-related national review panels or advisory groups for government agencies or foundations.
  • Receipt of internal or external grant funding for instruction- or training-related activities and innovations.