1. The Track 1 (Comprehensive M.S. & Ph.D.) program offers a highly-integrated, streamlined program that can be completed in a shorter time span (about 5 years).
  2. The program is designed from the beginning to meet the needs of the student without redundancy.
  3. The comprehensive program offers potential for increased efficiency with less paperwork (i.e., one admission process, one set of recommendations, one GRE, etc.).
  4. This program is appropriate for students who, at the baccalaureate level, have identified goals that require a doctorate.

Track 1 requirements for specialization in Child, Youth and Family Studies:*

Program Components Credits
Course work related to Specialization, which must include Ethics (953) or Philosophy of Child and Family Sciences (900) (3) Teaching Practicum (920) (1-3) 30-33
Supporting courses selected from within the Department or related Discipline. Students can choose to complete a concentration area or minor, or choose an eclectic mix of courses to meet educational and professional goals. 16-22
Research & Statistics (Research Tools)
   Minimum of 9 credits in Statistics
   Minimum of 3 credits in Research
Doctoral Seminar (995) 12-18
Doctoral Dissertation 20

*Sample Programs may be obtained from Advisors