Memorandum of Courses (the plan of study)

A Memorandum of Courses (MOC) consists of courses considered necessary for the student’s degree. An MOC is intended to be flexible to meet the educational objectives of the student and to build on previous academic experiences. The student, along with the Supervisory Committee, should select courses that best support the student’s career goals in research and/or a health or business practitioner.

A student’s MOC should be completed by the end of the student’s 2nd semester (or before completion of 15 credit hours). Students may not file a Memorandum of Courses and graduate in the same term. Changes may be made to the MOC after submitting to graduate studies. Once the student and student’s faculty advisor agree on the course change, the student’s faculty advisor emails the NHS Graduate Coordinator and Office of Graduate Studies Master’s Programs Coordinator for final approval. A revised MOC does not need to be submitted.