997 Internship Contract

All written materials should be presented to the student's academic advisor.  The advisor will assign the grade.
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160 contact hours are required for each 3 hours of credit.
Students must produce a final product based upon their internship experience. This may take a variety of forms such as documentation of an exhibition, including copies of the wall, text, educational program materials or catalogue descriptions for a collection that was accessioned. Students choosing to prepare a written report in lieu of a final product must prepare a 15- page research report on a topic chosen in consultation with their academic advisor.
Students will read several books during their internship experience, the number to be determined in consultation with the advisor, and as a function of the number of internship credit hours taken. Key selections will be made by the advisor or by the student, with the advisor’s agreement. Students will prepare a two-page written report for each book read, including a brief summary of the main themes of the work, and a short evaluative or comparative critique.
Students must prepare and present a daily diary based upon their internship. The diary entries should include evaluative and reflective comments pertaining to the experience. The diary entries should be submitted via email to the academic advisor on a weekly or biweekly basis.
The student's advisor may assign other requirements as he/she deems appropriate.
The student's advisor may assign other requirements as he/she deems appropriate.
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