Each student receiving an assistantship must be a full time student (registered for a minimum of nine hours of coursework each semester) during the tenure of the assistantship in order to be considered as a full-time graduate student.

Assistantships are either supported by grant funds or state funds; thus, duties of graduate assistants vary. The monetary value of assistantships is established annually by the unit administrator or budget officer. The number of available assistantships is dependent on internal and external funding of departmental research programs, as well as existing assistantship commitments to students in the graduate program.

Assistantship awards are made on a competitive basis. Recipients must demonstrate satisfactory progress toward completion of degree requirements and fulfillment of the job description of the assistantship (i.e. work performed equivalent to the budgeted remuneration) to maintain the assistantship award. Assistantships are generally available on a nine month basis, although some may be awarded for a semester only. Terms of employment for the Graduate Assistantship include full obligation to the graduate assistantship hours the week before classes begin and the week after final examination week. Usual academic holidays are included, but vacations and sick leave are not awarded, and arrangements must be made to work time missed.

All fully admitted graduate students are considered for teaching and research assistantships based on qualifications, availability of funding, and department needs. No formal assistantship application is required.

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