Nebraska is a central hub of recycled, sustainable textiles in the United States.

As we continue our journey towards a more sustainable future, it is imperative to reflect on the critical role textiles play in both our local community here in Nebraska and the world at large. Sustainable textiles are crucial in our fight against environmental degradation and extreme waste to foster a healthier planet for future generations. Conversely, the consequences of unsustainable textile practices are dire. The textile and apparel industry is one of the largest polluters, contributing to the depletion of freshwater resources, releasing toxic substances into soil and water, and increasing greenhouse gas emissions through the over-reliance on synthetic fibers like polyester.

In Nebraska, adopting sustainable practices in textile production, such as using agricultural waste and recycled materials to create new fibers, employing zero-waste apparel design, using effective technologies (such as CLO 3D and merchandising analytics), and employing effective textile conservation techniques, supports vibrant and sustainable communities. This shift also creates new entrepreneurial and financial opportunities, creating jobs that are both environmentally and economically beneficial, thereby positioning Nebraska as the leader in the growing global market for recycled, sustainable textiles and retail businesses.

Our programs, research, creative activity, and Extension work find solutions for these critical needs. As a student in TMFD, you’ll receive a comprehensive education that highlights how textiles and apparel are developed from beginning to end. You will gain industry-driven skills in fiber development, apparel design and product development, merchandising and selling, fashion branding and styling, material culture, and entrepreneurship. Such skills result in numerous professional career opportunities across the United States and an even bigger sustainable impact on our world. We’re excited that you’ve joined us!
Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen
Jennifer Johnson JorgensenDepartment Chair