Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design is a dynamic and exciting department where cutting-edge research, creative activity, and teaching intersect.

Our mission is to create, disseminate, and apply knowledge about textile and apparel products. The programs available in TMFD provide a well-rounded education that show students how textiles are developed—from beginning to end. Students will learn every stage of the creation of apparel, from research and development of fibers, to apparel design and production, to selling and merchandising, and beyond in our global community. TMFD faculty and students are engaged in the latest research in critical and growing fields, such as bio-fiber development, merchandising and entrepreneurship, material culture, apparel design, and how our clothes intersect with digital culture.

In TMFD, graduate and undergraduate students participate in a broad range of experiences. They study with award-winning faculty, gain hands-on experience within their fields of interest, participate in learning opportunities locally and abroad, and have access to department-sponsored events to network with industry professionals and leaders. Graduates of TMFD are prepared to join the fields of product development, merchandising, apparel design, sourcing, e-commerce, quality assurance, museums, and education. Many of our graduates also designing their own fibers and brands as small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

Thank you for your interest in our program. I invite you to read more about what is happening in our department on our news page.

Maria de Guzman
Maria de GuzmanDepartment Chair