Thank you for your interest in our programs. We are a diverse and dynamic community sharing a common passion: bio-fibers and textiles and the products that are fashioned from them.

Growing your passion for textiles and apparel

We look forward to sharing our passion for textiles and apparel with you, and if your interests align with those that drive us - engaging with problems and initiatives affecting the world of textiles and apparel - we look forward to working with you!

Building on our mission in textiles and apparel

We take our mission seriously: to create, disseminate and apply knowledge about textile and apparel products, their development, design, distribution and consumption across the global community.

We actively engage with constituents and colleagues in our state, across the nation, and overseas, and we are fully connected to the pulse of the textiles and apparel industries and professions.

If textiles and fashion are your passion, let the Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design be your springboard to an exciting career!

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Yiqi Yang
Yiqi YangInterim Department Chair


Recent alumni are working as
  • product developers
  • merchandisers
  • fashion buyers
  • sourcing specialists
  • small business owners and managers
  • entrepreneurs
  • e-commerce specialists
  • quality assurance specialists
  • museum professionals
  • apparel designers
  • educators
  • independent fiber artists and designers