Mary Alice Casto

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Mary Alice Casto Assistant Professor

PH.D., 2015, Apparel Studies: Dress, History and Culture, University of Minnesota
M.S., 2002, Textiles and Clothing (History Concentration), Iowa State University
B.S.S., 1996, American History, Art History, Theater Costume, Ohio University

My research interests are in the areas of aesthetics, history, material culture and social-psychological aspects of dress and appearance. Some of my recent research has focused on 20th century print media and advertising and the evolution of dress, posture, fashion advice, and appearance of women and men from the 1920s-1960s. I have also been examining contemporary societal and cultural implications and meanings of “classic” design in apparel. In my teaching I encourage students to expand their knowledge and awareness of the world and its cultures through travel, museums, performances and taking the time to actively observe the world around them.  Promoting the use and study of artifacts from the Textiles and Clothing Collection as means for expanding student creativity and knowledge is also a priority for my teaching and research.