Save America's Treasures Grant Awarded to IQSC & M

Save America's Treasures Grant Awarded to IQSC & M

09 Feb 2011    

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has announced nine Save America’s Treasures grants, including a $25,000 award to TCD’s International Quilt Study Center & Museum. Save America’s Treasures makes critical investments in the preservation of our nation’s most significant and endangered cultural treasures, which illustrate, interpret, and embody the great events, ideas, and individuals that contribute to America’s history and culture. This legacy includes the built environment as well as documents, records, artifacts, and artistic works.

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Collectively, Save America’s Treasures projects are as diverse as the peoples and cultures of this country. They tell our nation’s story and ensure that our legacy is passed on to future generations. “These Save America’s Treasures grants will preserve the physical fabric of our history and the rich diversity of America’s story, as told by its artists, scholars, and statesmen. These awards also honor the hundreds of volunteers, organizations, and communities whose energy and investment are ensuring that this national legacy endures for generations to come,” said First Lady Michelle Obama.

The Ardis and Robert James Collection, housed in the IQSC&M’s Quilt House adjacent to east campus, is a priceless assemblage of quilts dating from the late 1700s to the 20th century. The collection represents the creative expressions of women whose work was clearly influenced by international, national, regional, and local events and societal changes. In many cases, the greatest threats to their long-term survival are the chemistry of the dyes and inks used in their making, and the inherently fragile nature of some fabrics. Save America’s Treasures funds will be used to conserve a priority group of these rare, nationally significant quilts so that they will be available for display and study.

TCD congratulates IQSC&M Director Patricia Crews and staff on this singular endorsement of their conservation and research efforts.

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