Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Program prepares the future leaders of hospitality organizations to create welcoming environments and experiences for all. This starts by celebrating differences and embracing diversity in all forms, seen and unseen. The program is committed to enhancing awareness and action regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Actions to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within UNL and our program include:

Academic Programs: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is committed to enhancing awareness and action regarding diversity, equity and inclusion among our 24,400+ students. The university offers more than 100 undergraduate courses that develop global awareness and knowledge of human diversity. Courses within the program are systematically focused on developing cultural competence and leadership skills needed for a successful and diverse workforce.

Examples to develop future leaders in hospitality to address the needs of a diverse workforce, clientele and communities include:

  • Creating understanding of the importance of diversity of thought, experiences, geography, faith, backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, and interests in the workplace. This is accomplished thorough coursework, discussions, and opportunities provided by faculty and staff within university and program.
  • Providing opportunities to engage in cultural fluency and cultural competency learning opportunities Through internships, discussion, coursework, goal setting and trial and error, students enhance their awareness and grow their cultural competence and skill for working with individuals from all over the world.
  • Identifying and addressing equity gaps within our program including discussions areound how to speak up against bias and stereotypes. Our faculty collaborate with students, our advisory board and university administrators to examine and evaluate student perspectives with the goal of removing barriers, improving academic success and enhancing personal well-being for all students.
  • Implementing and evaluate workplace strategies and programs to develop and retain a diverse workforce. Our faculty partner regularly with companies and community partners within all areas of Nebraska, the United States and all over the world to provide and promote both experiential learning and employment opportunities for students and aid industry partners with accomplishing their goals.

Access and Opportunity The university recognizes that increasing access and expanding opportunities are key strategies for enhancing diversity and inclusion and has created programs for that purpose. Programs include the Office of Academic Support and Intercultural Success, The Women’s Center, LGBTQA+ Center, Global Nebraska, Learning Communities, Well-being ambassadors and coaches, Counseling and Psychological Services, Center for Advocacy, Response & Education, Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, Husker Dialogues, First Generation Student Programs, TRIO (a federal outreach, and student services program for individuals with disadvantaged backgrounds). These programs exist to serve and support career, cultural, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual and intellectual well-being. Student Resources

Diverse Faculty - the college and the program support the university’s plan for hiring and retaining faculty members who are ethnically and linguistically diverse. Meet Our Faculty

Global Experiences are encouraged, promoted, and often coordinated and implemented by our faculty. Learn More

Research and Creative Activity University scholars teach and conduct research on the many areas impacting and impacted by diversity and inclusion, including identifying equity gaps, and implementing strategies to improve results for students.

Student Leadership and Mentoring The Office of Academic Success and Intercultural Services offers diversity-related leadership and mentorship programs. The Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management program offers mentorship programs as well. Funding is available to recognized student organizations hosting diversity-related events and students attending diversity-related conferences.