Ruth Staples Child Development Lab (CDL)

  1. Each staff member, including lecturers, graduate assistants, and the director, has two keys:
    • an individual office key which only opens that individual’s office
    • a “common area” key that opens classrooms, the kitchen, library, research complex, and CDL office (confidential files are not kept in the CDL office or in any of the other places listed)

    All staff will have NCard access for the outside door as they often work after regular business hours and on weekends, and because those who open or close are in the building before it is unlocked in the morning and after it is locked in the evening.
  2. The CDL office assistant has a grand master key which opens all doors in the building except the basement and telecommunications room. The office assistant also has a common area key which students can use to access the library, for example, but they must obtain the key from the office assistant and return it directly to her. Students are easily identified by their name tags as CDL students or research assistants, for example (who would need to get into the research complex).
  3. The lab director also has a grand master key. This is particularly helpful when staff inadvertently lock their keys in their offices and the office assistant is out of the building.
  4. The CDL office assistant is responsible for keeping track of who has keys and the key ID numbers.