Full-Time Certification to Enroll in less than 9 hours

Students may request full-time status certification to enroll in less than 9 credit hours. This is generally used toward the end of a student’s degree program allowing them to focus on their research and writing their thesis or dissertation. It saves money for both student and faculty advisor while completing their degree in a timely manner. Information is here: https://ris-vm2.unl.edu/gradstudies/fulltime/


Students must submit an online full-time status certification form every semester or term they are enrolled and need full time status while enrolling in less than 9 credit hours.


The student must be currently registered for at least one credit hour and have been registered at least half time (i.e., at least 4 credits) in the fall and spring terms prior to the initiation of the full-time certification status.

Master of Science with Thesis Students

• Grad Studies approved Memorandum of Courses

• Limitations: may use it no longer than 3 consecutive terms (including summer)

Doctoral Students

• Grad Studies approved doctoral candidacy application

• Limitations: may use it no longer than 24 consecutive months (or 6 consecutive terms, including summer)