1. Summary/abstract: A brief overview of the full proposal. (less than one page)
  2. Justification, Objectives, Hypotheses, and Significance: A short statement of why the research is being done, the overall and specific objectives, the hypotheses being tested, and what the significance of the anticipated results will be. (about one page)
  3. Literature Review: The review should be confined to the most relevant articles and be as current as possible. This is not expected to be a comprehensive review but should establish a basis for the intended research. (2-4 pages)
  4. Preliminary Results: Include any relevant data (tables, figures).
  5. Materials and Methods: Specific procedures, including experimental design, analytical methods, and statistical methods for evaluation of data, should be described. Standard or well-established methods need not be listed but should be referenced. Procedures should be listed in an order corresponding to the objectives. (3-4 pages)
  6. Expected Outcomes, Significance and Impacts: This can be brief (less than one page)
  7. Literature Cited: A standard journal format should be used as approved by the supervisory committee.