Early Childhood Special Education

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Early childhood special educators (ECSE) should possess a common core of knowledge and skills similar to all early childhood educators, as well as specialized knowledge and skills regarding young children birth through age 5 with special needs and their families. This content includes child development and learning, curriculum development and implementation, family and community relationships, assessment and evaluation, and professionalism with appropriate field experiences through which to apply this content.

The early childhood special educator may work directly with children with special needs who are in this age range or work in a collaborative relationship with early childhood educators, family members and other professionals serving young children with special learning and developmental needs and their families.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers a study of and preparation in early childhood special education as part of either a graduate certificate program or a master's degree.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare professionals to support excellent outcomes for young children birth to age 5 with disabilities and their families.

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