Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen

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Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen

Assistant Professor

PH.D., 2015, Human Sciences - Emphasis in Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.S., 2012, Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.S., 2009, Apparel and Textile Studies, North Dakota State University

The primary focus of my research is on consumer socialization, which encompasses how individuals learn about and consume a product.  As a trained mixed methods researcher, I have studied this topic utilizing an explanatory sequential design, thus applying both quantitative and qualitative (grounded theory) methods.  Through my research, insight has been gained as to how families, peers, product search on the Internet, and online social networking websites contribute toward overall consumer knowledge.  This topic is beneficial to marketers and retailers in order to understand the underlying influences on consumers.  This research also builds onto the current academic knowledge of socialization across multiple fields by analyzing the continued and emerging influences of technology.  Other research areas of interest include consumer socialization among baby boomers, the influence of advertisements on online social networking websites, the growth of mixed methods research in apparel and textiles, and the dissemination of apparel trends through social media.

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