Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen

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Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen TMFD Chair, Associate Professor

PH.D., 2015, Human Sciences - Emphasis in Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.S., 2012, Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.S., 2009, Apparel and Textile Studies, North Dakota State University

My research consists of two interrelated threads. First, my research focuses on rural retail vitality and how small retailers utilize technologies and other resources to survive over time. This topic also involves the investigation of entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as how to navigate the challenges encountered within the retail landscape. Second, my research focuses on the consumer and how consumers are socialized via technology and other influences (parents, friends, etc.) to consume a product. As a trained mixed methods researcher, I have studied these topics utilizing various mixed methods approaches, as well as through the use of Q methodology and pure quantitative or qualitative methods. The results and findings of these studies are beneficial to business owners, entrepreneurs, political leaders, marketers, and retailers, as they provide insight into the barriers retailers encounter and the underlying technological influences on consumers that retailers must consider to gain revenue.

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