Master's Degree Program Requirements

Master's students are required to familiarize themselves with and meet the master degree milestones as outlined by the Office of Graduate Studies as they complete their minimum total 36 credit hours.

Memorandum of Courses

The Memorandum of Courses must be completed by the student and their advisor before the student completes 18 credit hours (halfway through the Master's program). Students are encouraged to reach out to their advisors sooner rather than later to complete their Memorandum of Courses.

There are three Options that students may select:

  • Option 1 - Thesis required. Minor optional. In addition to 6-10 thesis credit hours, 8 credit hours must be graduate-only courses.
  • Option 2 - No thesis required. A minor is required. At least 12 credit hours must be graduate-only courses.

                      Master of Education is only available as Option 2.

  • Option 3 - No thesis required. No minors are available. At least 18 credit hours must be graduate-only courses.

To see if a course is graduate-only, students and advisors are recommended to check the Graduate Catalog displaying TEAC courses to see if there is a 400-level equivalent course that undergraduate students can enroll in.

A student may not file a Memorandum and graduate in the same term. Students will need to apply to graduate on MyRed at the beginning of their final semester.

Final Examination Report

Students should initiate discussions with their advisors about necessary final exams before graduation. The final examination report is due to Graduate Studies at least four weeks (three weeks in summer) before the final oral exam (if needed). The report will be accepted after all courses on the Memorandum have been completed or are in progress - any Incompletes must have removed.

More information on the requirements set by Graduate Studies is available in the Catalog.