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Student Teaching - Spring 2019

Student Teaching Applications are now closed. 


The experience of student teaching is an essential component in the development of educators. The college faculty and staff consider it to be the “capstone” in the preparation process for teacher education.

Given its significance, a number of requirements must be met before an individual can engage in student teaching. The academic requirements, including courses of study and earned grades, are identified in the UNL Undergraduate Bulletin. Other important expectations include:

  • The completion of the application to student teach submitted by the deadline established by the Office of Field Experiences & Certification. To student teach in the Spring of 2019, an online application must be submitted no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 14, 2019.
  • Individuals need to contact their academic advisor to ensure that all requirements to student teach have been met.
  • Individuals who apply to student teach must submit to a criminal background check prior to reporting to a school placement.
  • Students wanting a student teaching placement outside of Nebraska must meet with the Director of Professional Experience prior to applying for student teacher.  Please contact  to schedule a meeting.
  • Student teaching candidates are required to attend an orientation session in December.  Dates will be shared with those students who qualify for a placement as soon as their applications are reviewed.  Students are expected to make arrangements with their schedule to attend an orientation or the placement will be deactivated for non-attendance.
  • Dual majors  (ELED/SPED)  and ECSE majors are not eligible to student teach in Alief ISD. The time required for completion and specific experiential requirements of these experiences do not work within the Alief calendar.

Student Teacher Application

ELL Internship Application APPLY HERE  

 Please refer to the Career Services website  for additional examples of resumes and cover letters.  These materials will be shared with your cooperating teacher.

PLEASE NOTE: Files may download directly to your computer so look for them in your downloads folder.


Formative Student Teaching Evaluation (word document)

Summative Student Teaching Evaluation (word document)


Practicum experiences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln consist of all pre-student teaching field experiences that are a part of each professional education program. They may occur as introductory experiences in the early stages of a program or may be a part of a methods experience. Therefore, the requirements for each practicum can vary on the basis of when they are offered in one's program sequence and are influenced by the grade level and endorsement subject area of the student's program.

As students progress through different practicum experiences, the requirements become more rigorous. Students must dress and behave in a professional manner at all times. They are expected to use good judgment and common sense. Finally, they are expected to grow professionally and to improve their skills as educators. Students are encouraged to meet with their respective advisor for more specific information as to the nature of each practicum.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours in a PreK-12 school setting as part of their practicum experience(s). As part of the 100 hours, 40 hours must be spent in schools offering culturally diverse experiences.

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