The University’s general education program is referred to as ACE (Achievement Centered Education). Several of the department courses (see below) meet ACE requirements for the University. ACE courses meet a specific learning outcome for students ( The Department is required to document that students have learned the student learning outcome associated with the course. In order to document student learning, we need to collect examples of student work and your reflections on students' success in meeting the learning outcome. At the beginning of the semester, you will receive an email detailing the information that needs to be collected for the course(s) you are teaching. This information is submitted via Blackboard and should be submitted when you submit final grades for the course. Submitting this information is considered part of the teaching of the course and therefore part of your contract. The Department Chair and staff will be happy to help you submit your materials. The Student Learning Outcome (SLO) should be listed on your syllabus.

Course Title SLO#
150X Life Skills for Success 8
160 Human Development and the Family 6
222 Introduction to Family Finance 6
280 Family Science 6
380 Working with Families in Communities and Schools 6
403 Student Teaching Seminar in Family & Consumer Sciences 10
495 Special Topics in Family and Cultural Diversity 9
497A Student Teaching in Early Childhood 10
497D Community Internships in Family and Consumer Sciences 10