Department policy is that all instructors and course sections will be evaluated each semester. This is done using the standard College Wide Course Evaluation forms.

Course evaluations are administered online via Canvas. Faculty will be sent an e-mail from “Course Evaluation” approximately one month before the end of the semester. This e-mail will include a link to the faculty member’s course(s). Faculty will have ten days to add additional questions to the course evaluation(s). Once the online course evaluation is closed to faculty, students will be notified by “Course Evaluation” that they have three weeks to complete course evaluations via Blackboard. The compiled evaluation comments and means will be distributed to faculty after final grades are submitted. Faculty need to strongly encourage students to complete the course evaluations and let them know all comments are confidential and used to improve future offerings of the course.

In addition to the standard course evaluation, instructors may add any evaluation questions tailored to the particular course. Such questions may be part of feedback solicited from students throughout the semester, or asked at the end of the semester. In any case, student responses regarding instructor/course evaluation are to have absolutely no bearing on student grades.

About three to four weeks after the semester ends, you will receive an e-mail from “Course Evaluation” with a link to the evaluation summaries. The Department Office will send you a copy of the same evaluation summaries with the overall course mean written at the top. A copy of the course evaluation will be placed in your graduate file.