The Office Supervisor will request that the graduate teaching assistant be added to Canvas for the class he/she is teaching. GTAs should become familiar with Canvas and use it to support student learning. Use of Canvas is an expected part of your teaching.

  • Graduate Assistants are not authorized to use private web sites for teaching purposes. Only Canvas, which is University sponsored, should be used by instructors.
  • Social networking sites should be used with caution. Please talk with the Department Chair before using a social networking site as part of your course communications or content.
  • Simple instructions for accessing Canvas can be found on the website listed above. Tutorials for using Canvas can be found on the Canvas web site and are user friendly. If additional instruction is needed, your faculty member can help get the instructor started or answer questions.
  • All course handouts, information on Canvas, or other course related materials (whether the materials are placed online or given in class) should be in keeping with the high professional standards of the Department, College, and University.