Is health care available to me?

The University Health Center provides affordable and convenient health care to UNL students. Some health services such as primary care visits are offered at no charge to students enrolled for 7 or more credits (4 credits during any summer session), although there are charges if a patient needs laboratory, radiology, physical therapy and other services. Many of these services are priced below community rates, and insurance will often cover a portion or all of these charges depending on your insurance plan.

Students are not required to carry medical insurance to use the University Health Center but you are strongly encouraged to do so. If you are not covered by medical insurance, a student health insurance plan is offered through the University Health Center. The student health insurance plan may include dependents and spouses at an additional cost.

Graduate students in NHS who hold an assistantship of 14 or more hours will be automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan. The department will pay a percentage of the premium and the student will pay the balance. Graduate students without an assistantship will not be automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan and will be fully responsible for their own health care coverage.

Job-related injuries and illness: When a personal injury accident occurs on University property, or when a University employee on duty suffers injury, or when an employee on duty becomes ill as a result of his/her work, the first concern is to obtain medical attention for those involved. The second concern is to see that the proper University authorities, including a security officer, are notified and that the necessary reports are made. An injured or ill employee should be sent or taken to the University Health Center near 16th and U Streets. If the injury or illness appears life-threatening, the employee should be sent by ambulance to the nearest facility where emergency treatment is available. The employee's supervisor should be notified at once. In all cases, it will be the responsibility of the employee's supervisor to assist the employee with the completion of the necessary reports.