Confidentiality of Information Obtained While Completing Experiences

The following guidelines are to be followed regarding confidentiality of information obtained while completing experiences:

  1. No confidential information about an institution’s affairs is to be repeated outside that institution.
  2. The dietetic intern will request permission from the affiliating institution’s dietitian before examining records in the facility.
  3. The dietetic intern will not repeat confidential information from personnel records or patient charts unless discussing these records with the dietitian in charge as part of the learning experience.
  4. The dietetic interns may share learning experience information with each other in class discussions as long as none of the information is confidential.  Information shared in class is to be discussed only for educational purposes and interns are not to repeat shared information outside the classroom.
  5. The affiliating institution’s dietitian will inform the dietetic intern of any existing  policy on confidentiality in that institution.  If the procedure differs from the one listed above, the dietetic intern will abide by the policy in the institution.