Program Retention and Remediation Procedures When Performance in the Program is Unsatisfactory

If it is determined that an intern has minimal chances of success in the program, the program will provide counseling on alternate career paths.  The program director will explore options with the intern and refer them to Career Services on campus for additional advising and support.

A dietetic intern may be terminated from the program for unsatisfactory performance which would include but not be limited to inability or unwillingness to complete assignments or quality of performance below standard set by the affiliating institution.  The procedure for termination from the program due to unsatisfactory performance is as follows:

  1. The dietitian in the affiliating institution will notify the dietetic intern of his/her unsatisfactory performance.
  2. The dietitian in the affiliating institution shall notify the Director of the Dietetic Internship of a dietetic intern’s unsatisfactory performance.
  3. A conference will be held including the dietetic intern, the affiliating institution’s dietitian and the Director of the Dietetic Internship.  As this time a written plan for improvement identifying specific knowledge and skills that must be satisfactorily demonstrated and the expected time frame for completion will be developed and signed by all the parties at the conference.
  4. The Director of the Internship Program will explore possible tutorial support and remedial instruction available to the intern.  The intern will also be informed of any student support services available to them that have the potential to be of assistance.
  5. If performance improves to an acceptable level during a time span agreed upon by the involved parties, the dietetic intern will be allowed to continue in the internship program.
  6. If there is no improvement, the dietetic intern will be dismissed from the program.
  7. If there is a second written notification of unsatisfactory performance, the dietetic intern will be terminated from the program.