Protection of Privacy of Information

All private information provided by the intern as part of the application process to the internship program and graduate college will be kept confidential.  Internship files are located in the Director of the Dietetic Internship Program office and the office is locked when the program director is not present.

 A dietetic intern’s evaluation is to be discussed in private with the dietetic intern, supervising dietitian(s), and program director present (if requested).  The only exception will be if either the dietetic intern requests and/or approves other persons to be present.  In this case both the dietetic intern and dietitian must agree to the presence of the third party.

Copies of written evaluations will be provided to the Director of the Dietetic Internship and filed in the intern’s file.  Before any dietetic intern’s assignments or evaluations are shared permission will be requested from the dietetic intern to share the information.