Hi I’m Renee! I am from Castle Rock, Colorado and am studying Athletic training.

I love that UNL is a big school but has a small town feel to it. The size isn't overwhelming but there are always things to do and new people to meet.

I was always in the training room in high school. That’s why I initially became interested in athletic training.

They taught me about being a mentor and a positive influence on young athlete's lives. I want to play that part in someone else's life.

The student trainers are a tight knit group. We're all friends outside of the training room!

We interact directly with the athletes, by attending practices and assisting on the sidelines at sporting events. What better way to learn than that?

I am a Student Ambassador for CEHS because I love my college and how great of a fit it has been for me. I want to share that passion with other students.

It really is such a homey and personal college and it's no surprise that anyone would feel welcome here.