Randy Ernst Ed.D., Educational Studies, 2014

Assistant professor of education and co-director of the master of education program, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Randy's most recent research revolves around the effectiveness of professional learning communities (PLCs). He's also involved in the teaching of skills (resilience, gratitude, many more) that promote emotional well-being. Finally, he often works with a team that helps teachers and school administrators understand the guiding principles behind and the barriers preventing culturally competent thoughts and behaviors.

Randy was awarded a 2017 Presidential Citation from the American Psychological Association for pioneering leadership of modern day pedagogy in psychology. 

In 2016, Randy retired from Lincoln Public Schools, after 30 years in LPS. His primary job there was overseeing the creation, adoption, dissemination, evaluation and the professional development that supported all the social studies curriculum for the 40,000 students and 1,200 social studies teachers in the district. He's also a textbook author ("Thinking About Psychology," 3rd Ed.) and regularly conducts workshops on resilience and using character strengths.

Randy Ernst