Connor Sullivan

Connor Sullivan

Elementary Education

Omaha, NE

Graduating: May 2016

Left the Ambassador program to student teach. 

What are your post-graduation plans?
Undecided. Leaning towards teaching abroad in a Spanish speaking country, but have not made a after graduation plan.

Where will you be working?  
Teaching in the elementary classroom, or teaching English abroad.

What are your involvements on the UNL campus?
Nebraska Track & Field Student Manager, CEHS Ambassador, WHT Learning Community, UNL Intramurals (Football, Soccer, Basketball), UNL Dance Marathon, UNL The Big Event

 What impact did being a CEHS Student Ambassador have on your current endeavors?
Being vocal, and allowing me to show my leadership skills. 


What was/is the best thing about being a Husker? The community and the people surrounding the campus.