Innovation Project Proposals FY17

Incorporating Simulation in Hospitality Courses to Improve Student Learning ($7500)

Dipra Jha

Incorporation of HOTS hotel simulation software in Hospitality courses. Student participants simulate managing a hotel business in virtual environment. Learning objectives include operations, strategic management, finance, customer service, crisis management, social media, revenue management, and benchmark data competencies. Use in HRTM 285 – Introduction to the Lodging Industry, HRTM 374 Guest Service Management, HRTM 485 Advanced Lodging Operations, HRTM 479 Senior Capstone.


Emerging Classroom Technology Practices ($4120)

Guy Trainin

The project will enable Teacher Education students to access innovative K-12 classrooms across Nebraska via live and edited short videos.  This project aims to capture video of authentic classrooms focusing on emerging technology integration practices that we are currently engaged with.  The project will supply case studies for instruction across all content areas and is intended to be integrated into existing coursework in the preservice and graduate classes. It has the potential of impacting 200-300 students each year.


Removing Barriers: Turning a Large Lecture Room into an Active Learning Space Using a Microsoft Surface Device Paired with a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter ($5915)

Sabine Zempleni

Project seeks to decrease the distance between instructors and students and provide opportunities for increased active learning.  Explores use mobile and touchscreen instructional technology (Surface Pro) to facilitate these goals. Piloted in NUTR 402 – Health Information: Science, Media, and the Consumer, NUTR 250 – Human Nutrition and Metabolism.  Will support changes in instructional practice in HSB 31, HSB 11, HSB 121, CHASE 116, LEV 204. Working with Matt Kutscher and Bev Russel to identify and share new methods for using this technology to improve teaching and learning experiences.


Capturing Moments from Children’s’ Perspective ($1560)

Erin Hamel, Jenny Leeper Miller, Mollie von Kampen

This project utilizes GoPro cameras to allow video to be taken from a child’s perspective, follows their natural movement and maintains typical interactions and routines. This advances practice and gives teachers an accurate way to capture, analyze and share children’s experiences. Students can improve their practice through quality coaching from faculty and guided reflection using the video as a resource. 


Music and Movement: Including the Arts in Outdoor Classroom ($1951)

Jenny Leeper Miller, Erin Hamel, Mollie von Kampen

Our teaching practices at the lab school include using the outdoor classroom in the very same ways we use the indoor classroom. We would like to be able to facilitate music and movement, arts, and drama experiences outside using iPads and wireless speakers. Pre-service teachers can improve their practice through identifying ways to connect children to the arts in the outdoor setting. The lab school will be able to use documentation and examples of learning opportunities to support our mission and illustrate the importance of learning in the outdoor space.