Jordan Gardner

Jordan Gardner

Nutrition, Exercise, & Health Sciences

North Platte, NE

Involvements while on Campus (Clubs, Activities, Study Abroad, etc):
CEHS ambassador
Study abroad trip to India
Undergraduate research assistant in the human performance lab
Husker Football strength and conditioning
Personal trainer at campus rec

CEHS Ambassador impact on college experience and career:
Being a CEHS ambassador had a profound impact on my college experience. I attribute myposition as an ambassador to be the single most influential factor in my personal and professionaldevelopment; as well as my leadership skills. In her role as CEHS ambassador sponsor, thepositive impact Karen Kassebaum has had upon me is rivaled only by that of my parents. Being aCEHS ambassador is the greatest blessing of my college career and has brought about many ofthe opportunities and relationships that have molded my college career and plans for the future.

Plans after graduation:
After college I plan to open a Sports Performance Center and work with athletes to help themdevelop their full potential in life and athletics. Additionally, I hope to gain involvement in otherinvestment and business ventures.

What are you looking forward to most after graduation:
Using the
knowledge and skills I've gained at the university of Nebraska to have a positive impact on thehealth and fitness of other people, as well as the local economyAnswer this question: 

The BEST thing about being a Husker is:
Having the opportunity and
resources to do anything in the world you want to do. If you get involved with the right peoplehere you will realize you can do just that.