Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips

Child, Youth & Family Studies

Seabeck, Washington

Graduated: December 2015

What are your post-graduation plans? Where will you be working?
Currently I'm working on my Master's degree at North Carolina State University and am also competing for their NCAA Division I Rifle program.

What were/are your involvements on the UNL campus?
While I was on campus at UNL, I had the experience of being involved in many great organizations. I worked within the athletic department as an athlete, and also had the chance to be a part of Athlete2Athlete and the UNL Army ROTC during my final year.

What impact did being a CEHS Student Ambassador have on your current endeavors?
Being an ambassador taught me so much about how to step up and be a leader in small and large group settings, and also helped prepare me to be on top of communication with professors and peers. The teamwork focus also helped foster new growth for myself and my future teammates, and gave me new confidence when approaching committee work

What was/is the best thing about being a Husker?
The best thing about being a Husker was representing the community over myself, and being part of such a long-standing academic and athletic tradition.