New Faculty Development Programs

CEHS and Your Success

CEHS is committed to assisting faculty in developing their scholarship and professional lives. CEHS strives to provide support in the form of ongoing professional development to insure long term plans for professional success. Tenure track faculty, research faculty and professors of practice are encouraged to apply for and participate in these professional development programs.

Your First Year

During the first year in CEHS at UNL, you will be engaged in a yearlong program to promote your success within the academy.

You will meet with faculty, peers and mentors to cover the following topics:

  • Establishing and understanding the academic community
  • Teaching in the academy
  • Research in the academy
  • Outreach in the academy
  • UNL and CEHS: Who we are and what we do
  • Faculty governance and academic freedom

Upon completion of the program with 80% attendance, faculty will receive funds for professional travel.

Your second and third years: Scholarly Enhancement Program

During the spring semester of your first year at UNL you will be encouraged to apply for the Scholarly Enhancement Program SEP. This is a two-year commitment by you, your department and the College to assist you in further developing your scholarship.

Scholarly Enhancement Year 1:

During the first year of SEP, you will focus on...

  • Writing for publication
  • Integrating your teaching, research and outreach
  • Securing internal funds to support your scholarship/li>

Scholarly Enhancement Year 2:

During the second year of SEP, you will develop a “concept” paper for federal funding, learn more about how to achieve success in scholarship, and discover what it takes to...

  • Be successful in securing grants
  • Be productive as a grant writer
  • Scale up scholarship over the next 5 years

In addition, you will learn more about the following:

  • Broader impacts in developing grant proposals
  • Developing strategies for budgets
  • Understanding F&A and what it means
  • Understanding salary savings and the impact it can have CEHS; CYFS; IANR and ORED resources

At the end of the Year 2, all SEP participants will travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with federal funding agencies and program officers to share concept papers and pursue federal funding opportunities.

Beyond these activies, all SEP participants will receive one course release each year of SEP and funds to use for scholarship development.

Scholarly Enhancement Program Commitment Form