New Faculty Development Programs

CEHS and Your Success

CEHS is committed to assisting faculty in developing their scholarship and professional lives. CEHS strives to provide support in the form of ongoing professional development to insure long term plans for professional success. Tenure track faculty, research faculty and professors of practice are encouraged to apply for and participate in these professional development programs.

Your First Year

During their first year in CEHS at UNL, new faculty will be engaged in a first year experience program to promote their success within the academy.

They will meet with faculty, peers and mentors to cover the following topics:

  • Establishing and understanding the academic community
  • Teaching in the academy
  • Research in the academy
  • Outreach in the academy
  • UNL and CEHS: Who we are and what we do
  • Faculty governance and academic freedom

Upon completion of the program with 80 percent attendance, faculty will receive funds for professional travel.

Your second and third years: Scholarly Enhancement Program

During the spring semester of the first year at UNL, faculty are encouraged to apply for the Scholarly Enhancement Program (SEP). (Application links are below) This is a two year commitment by the department and the College to assist faculty in further developing their scholarship.

Scholarly Enhancement Year 1:

During the first year of SEP, faculty will focus on

  • Creating a plan for scaling up their scholarship over the next five years
  • Integrating their teaching, research and outreach
  • Securing internal resources to support their scholarship
  • Writing for publication

Scholarly Enhancement Year 2:

During the second year of SEP, faculty will learn more about how to achieve success in scholarship.

  • Research intensive faculty (tenure track and research faculty) will develop a concept paper for federal funding and will focus on successful strategies for developing grant proposals, securing grants and understanding grant budgets and using grant funds to advance the scope of research and teaching projects. At the end of Year 2, the faculty will travel as a group to Washington, D.C. to share their concept papers with program officers at federal agencies to pursue funding opportunities and jointly attend one or more group meetings with program officers.
  • Professors of practice will develop a mission statement describing their scholarship of teaching and will examine its contribution to the knowledge base in their discipline and its impact on their academic programs and regionally, nationally or international impact on their field

Beyond these activities, all SEP participants will receive one course release for each year of SEP and funds for approved travel and research expenses related to research and scholarly activities.

Applying for the Scholarly Enhancement Program (SEP)

After completing one full year at UNL, faculty members may apply for the SEP Early Career Program or the SEP Mid-Career Program. For additional details and instructions on how to apply, click the application button below.

Apply for SEP Early Career Program

Apply for SEP Mid-Career Program