Spring 2022 Roundtables
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Past Roundtables and Guest Speakers
Fall 2021
roundtable logoSep. 14th   Racial Justice Alliance  Topic: The Dangers of Oversimplification
roundtable logoOct. 12th  Panel of Anti-Racist Teachers     Topic: Anti-racist Teaching Practices
roundtable logoNov. 9th  Dr. Ferial Pearson   Topic: Intercultural Dialogue
Spring 2021
roundtable logoFeb. 17th   Dr. Athena Ramos  Topic: Inequities in Effects of Covid-19 on Essential Workers

roundtable logoMar. 17th  Mexican American Student Association    Topic: Importance of Affinity Group

roundtable logoApr. 14th  Zach Schafer   Topic: Racial Equity, Restorative Justice Practices
Fall 2020  
roundtable logoSep. 2nd   Dr. Amanda Morales  Topic: Courageous Conversation
roundtable logoSep. 23rd  Mar'La Overstreet     Topic: Racial Identity

roundtable logoOct. 14th  Mismiki Montgomery   Topic: Unconscious Bias

roundtable logoNov. 11th   Dr. Maria de Guzman   Topic: Intercultural Communication
Spring, 2020
roundtable logoApril.   Dr. Julie Tippens      Topic: Response to COVID-19
roundtable logoMarch     Dr. Amanda Morales     Topic: Courageous Conversation about Race
roundtable logoFebruary   Dr. Marques Garrett      Topic: Cultural Appropriation and Appreciation  
roundtable logoJanuary.   Dr. Rachel Schachter    Topic: Statistics in Education 
Fall, 2019
roundtable logoDecember       Dr. Kara Viesca    Topic: How to be An Anti-racist
roundtable logoNovember       Gulie Khalaf       Topic: Teaching Multilingual Learners
roundtable logoOctober    Dr. Colette Yellow Robe    Topic: Indigenous Students 
roundtable logoSeptember    Dr. Deadric Williams    Topic: Race and Racism