Student Teach in Another Country

Student Teach in
Another Country

Teacher Teaching

Immerse yourself in another culture while gaining real-world teaching experience. Through Global Gateway for Teachers, fulfill your student teaching requirements and gain a new perspective on teaching practices in the United States. Our programs are recognized as some of the most rigorous and innovative available, as well as the most affordable.

Current Teaching Opportunities


Australia, Costa Rica, England, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Tanzania, Wales

What You’ll Teach

In English-speaking countries, you can expect to teach classes in your licensing areas (elementary education, secondary mathematics, visual arts, and so on.).

In non-English speaking countries, your focus will be working with your school’s foreign language teachers to provide instruction in conversational and written English. If you happen to be fluent in your host country’s native language, you may have the opportunity to teach classes in your licensing area. Most participating schools, however, value the program because they want to expose students to native English speakers.

Teacher Teaching

Foreign Language

There are no foreign-language proficiency requirements for most locations. In Costa Rica and Ecuador, we recommend basic Spanish-language proficiency. In Spain, conversational Spanish proficiency is required. We do encourage participants to learn basic words and sentences in their host country’s native language, either by enrolling in an introductory course or using self-study materials.

Your choice of host country should be dictated by your professional goals as well as your personal preferences. If you are interested in a license addition in reading or technology, a placement in an English-speaking area is probably the best choice for you. Similarly, if you are interested in teaching English as a new language, non-English speaking countries are a good fit.

Teacher Teaching


Participants must meet all the College of Education and Human Sciences eligibility requirements for student teaching, which include:

  • GPA requirements for your licensure area
  • Completion of all professional course work toward your degree
  • For foreign-language majors, a passing score on the Foreign Language Proficiency exam (usually taken at the end of your junior year)

In addition, you will also need to fulfill your Nebraska student teaching requirements (minimum of 10 weeks) in preparation for an Nebraska teacher’s license.


Students will be responsible for their regular UNL tuition, as well as fees related to student teaching and practicum coursework. Students are also responsible for travel and living expenses during their stay; these costs vary depending on the country you choose to visit. Grants and scholarships are available for students who want to participate.

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Tylee Hanson Director of Field Experiences