Technology Innovation Projects


CEHS Technology Innovation Projects

Student technology fees are intended to enhance student learning and the student experience.  The CEHS Technology Committee allocates a portion of the student technology fees received by the College to support innovative projects that advance how we think about and use technology in this context.  This year, the committee is particularly looking for projects with a focus on on-line and hybrid learning but all projects are welcome. In addition, projects should:

1)   be designed primarily to benefit students’ learning experiences,
2)   provide an opportunity for the College to learn about the application of technology, and
3)   be replicable and have the potential to be adopted on a wider scale if effective.



Applications for Technology Innovation Projects are reviewed once annually during the Spring semester. Project applications are due on April 15, 2021.  The CEHS Technology Committee reviews projects and determines approval in conjunction with budget decisions in the April 30, 2021 meeting.

icon Amount of Support

The amount of support for projects is variable and is determined by the amount of student technology fees available and budget priorities.  It is the intention of the CEHS Technology Committee to support one to two projects per year (or more if funding is available) with costs expected to be $7,500 or less for each project.

icon Where to Submit Proposals

Proposals can be submitted using the online proposal form.

icon What does the committee consider in making decisions about supporting projects?

1)   Is the project led by individual faculty or staff who are responsible for the management and outcomes?
2)   Does the project produce innovative ideas about using technology?
3)   Does the project benefit students and how many students are impacted by the project?
4)   Does the project help advance what we know about using technology to support the student learning experience?
5)   Does the project develop ideas that might be expanded or refined for wider adoption?
6)   Is there a plan and commitment to gather and share information about the impact of the project?
7)   Has there been adequate consideration of the technical support that will be required to make the project successful?
8)   Are purchases made by the project primarily focused on technology?


Funded Projects 2015-2016        Funded Projects 2016-2017
Funded Projects 2017-2018        Funded Projects 2018-2019
Funded Projects 2019-2020        Funded Projects 2020-2021

For further information contact Mary Sutton @ or (402) 480-6071 (Google Voice).

Innovation Project Proposal Outline

icon Purpose and description of the project

Provide a purpose statement and a description of the activities and outcomes of the project.

icon Project Impact

Describe how the project is innovative and how it advances practice in the College. Describe the impact of the project on student learning and how many students will benefit.

icon Shared Learning

Indicate a commitment to share project results with the College and describe how this will be accomplished. Describe what will you report and how will it be shared.

icon Project Support

Describe how technical support for the project will be provided.  Is this provided by the project itself? Is it supported by College technical support? What technical support will be required to make the project successful? For assistance with questions regarding technical support, please contact Mary Sutton (, 402-480-6071)

icon Budget

Provide a detailed budget of proposed expenditures including estimated costs for technology and related costs for implementation.