Graduate Education Oversight

The Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences is part of both the College of Education and Human Sciences and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. NHS supports IANR’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Strategic Framework for Graduate Education:

This framework includes a vision for graduate education to push the boundaries of traditional academic education and provide students with an educational experience that prepares them to be the next generation of leaders, scientists, educators, practitioners, innovators, and entrepreneurs. This Framework has the following vision and goals:

Every graduate student is inspired and empowered to make a difference in a complex and diverse world.

  1. Individualized student experience for personal goals and professional growth of our graduate students.
  2. Holistic approach that integrates curriculum, research and discovery, experiential learning, and professional development that prepares students to pursue opportunities and solve challenges in Nebraska and beyond.
  3. Diverse experiences with and beyond the university community that develop global and inclusive mindset/perspective.