Students on probation are not eligible for graduate assistantships. The funding will stop within one month of being placed on probation.

Graduate students may be placed on probation under the following conditions:

  • Failure to complete the annual student evaluation and meet at least once a year with supervisory committee, resulting in unsatisfactory performance.
  • Showing lack of progress towards degree or goals on their annual student evaluation.
  • Failure in qualifying examinations, preliminary examinations, comprehensive examinations, or final degree examinations.
  • Failure to master the methodology and content of one’s field in a manner that is sufficient to complete a successful thesis or dissertation.
  • Violations of the Student Code of Conduct:
  • Violations of Academic Integrity:

If a graduate student is put on probation, the faculty advisor or supervisory committee must submit a written six-month improvement plan to the NHS Graduate Committee. If the NHS Graduate Committee approves, the NHS Graduate Committee Chair must communicate it in writing to the Dean for Graduate Studies and the student.