Eastmont Towers Retirement Community Visit Hillestad Gallery with Namesake

Eastmont Towers residents pose for an image with Dr. Robert Hillestad in the center holding a piece of art.
Residents of Eastmont Towers with Dr. Robert Hillestad (center). Photo by Tina Tyler

Eastmont Towers Retirement Community Visit Hillestad Gallery with Namesake

02 Nov 2023     By Michael Burton

Earlier this Fall, residents of Eastmont Towers visited the Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery in the Department of Textiles Merchandising and Fashion Design (TMFD). Dr. Robert Hillestad, emeritus faculty and previous TMFD chair, along with Tina Tyler, the activities coordinator from Eastmont Towers, led the group. The visitors viewed the current exhibition titled "A Woman's Place is in the Resistance," produced by TMFD alumna, Adria Renee. The project explores the intersection of geek identity and "fan fashion" through a collection inspired by STAR WARS.  

Dr. Hillestad, for whom the gallery is named, answered questions from the group and discussed an upcoming gallery juried show for which he will serve as judge. Dr. Hillestad continues to be actively involved in the gallery and emphasized its role in serving as a venue for both established and nascent artists, including high school and college students.   

The tour included a classroom visit to join current undergraduate students who were exploring one of Dr. Hillestad's own artworks. The group gained insight into Dr. Hillestad's creative journey and learned about the global recognition his work has garnered among collectors. Additionally, they witnessed a demonstration of the knitting process integral to his artistic practice. The image captures Dr. Hillestad, his artwork, and the tour group during this engaging experience.  

The Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery was named in his honor in 1997, one year following his 31-year career and retirement as faculty and department chair. 

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