Five TMFD students, alumni among designers at Omaha Fashion Week

6+ individuals wearing handmade looks by ReyAnna Moore walk the runway at Omaha Fashion Week.
ReyAnna Moore, a senior textile and apparel design major closed the first evening of the runway showcase with her collection, Mayed by Rey designs. (Credit: Omaha Fashion Week)

Five TMFD students, alumni among designers at Omaha Fashion Week

11 Sep 2023     By Kelcey Buck

Two current students and three recent graduates from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design program were among the 41 designers selected to showcase their collections during Omaha Fashion Week’s Fall 2023 AURORA Season. 

The five individuals from the TMFD program were ReyAnna Moore, a senior textile and apparel design major; Ritu Jadwani, a doctoral student in merchandising; and May 2023 graduates Faizi Kari, Sophia Notto and Kelly Thompson.  

Moore was one of the seven headlining designers during Omaha Fashion Week as her Mayed by Rey designs closed the first evening of the runway showcase. Mayed by Rey aims to give new life to the neglected through solely repurposing old textiles in creative and versatile ways. Moore’s intention is to create accessible and sustainable fashion for all by exploring ideas of modularity, size inclusivity and zero-waste design. She earned her spot as a headlining designer after being the Omaha Fashion Week EMERGING Designer Golden Shears Winner at the Spring 2023 showcase. 

This time a year ago, I showed my first ever collection at Omaha Fashion Week,” Moore said. “Being able to witness myself evolve alongside other young designers has been the most fulfilling experience. Omaha Fashion Week will always hold a special place in my heart as I continue to grow into my values as a sustainable designer.” 

Jadwani (Namaste NYC), Kari (Faiza), Notto (Manic Kandii) and Thompson (K THOMPSON) were among the 19 emerging designers featured during the three nights of designer showcases. 

It was an honor to be selected to showcase the collection from Namaste NYC among so many talented designers,” Jadwani said. “It was a one-of-a-kind experience. The backstage energy, talented team at Omaha Fashion Week, models, show crew, music team, professors at TMFD everyone was so supportive throughout the experience and I could not have asked for more! Showcasing the collection that was handcrafted in the rural villages of India at a national fashion show in the United States is truly like a dream come true. Namaste NYC turns 10 this year and I could not have asked for a better platform to celebrate this milestone.” 

This season’s theme was AURORA, which is the Latin word for dawn. The designers for this season drew inspiration from alternate realities and cultural heritage while exploring themes of nostalgia and environmentalism. 

Emerging Designers are those who were either brand new to the Omaha Fashion Week runway, student designers, or veteran designers trying out a completely new method of creation. The event also included 15 Featured Designers, who are experts at their craft showcasing high-quality, ready-to-buy looks on the runway. They were inspired by themes of luxury, upcycling, and honoring cultural heritage. 

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